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How to switch from Sparkpool and BeePool to Kryptex

Sept. 28, 2021, 5:03 p.m.

Recently SparkPool and BeePool announced that they are closing down their services due to Chinese ban on cryptocurrency mining and trading. Sparkpool is the first largest Ethereum mining pool operating in China. Sparkpool will suspend all services to all users on 30th of September, 2021. Beepool is the second largest pool and it will be closed on October, 15.

What mining pool to use instead of SparkPool and Beepool?

SparkPool has its disadvantages. For example a minimum payout threshold of 0.05 Ethereum. This is approximately $150 at the time of writing. It takes an average miner about 2-4 weeks to reach the minimum payout threshold.

Kryptex, on the other hand, has a minimum payout threshold of 0.00001000 BTC. Which is about $0.40 at the time of writing. An average small time miner can reach payout threshold in about 1-2 hours. This is ideal for small to medium miners who require frequent and cheap payouts.

Kryptex is an excellent choice: we have a convenient application for professional miners, advanced remote monitoring for rigs, payments in cryptocurrencies and regular money!

Kryptex is a great alternative for SparkPool. It features:

  • The lowest and most frequent payouts in the industry - Use your earnings on the same day as you earned them!
  • Auto-switching between multiple algorithms and coins - No need to manually switch between multiple configurations. Mine the most profitable coin at a time: ETH, ETC, UBQ, RVN
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum payouts Always be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum, no matter what algorithm or coin you are mining.
  • Fiat withdrawals Withdraw your mining earnings to your bank account.
  • Signed and verified miner binaries - No risk when using private keys and wallets on your personal and mining PC.
  • Kryptex FairPay (Advanced PPS+) reward system - Only used by Kryptex. You get paid for every valid share you submit.
  • Kryptex Instruments - Best GPUs for mining – an analytical tool to compare ASICs and GPUs and calculate power consumption and payback period for each device.
  • Overclocking Database - a community-driven overclocking database with hundreds of overclocking profiles to boost your rig hashrate.
  • Professional Human support - Kryptex expert support team helps miners with any issue they encounter.

Kryptex never released user data to the Chinese government

You can try Kryptex Pro version via your PC and see how easy it is. It supports all CPUs, AMD GPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. Kryptex Miner features profit switching between multiple algorithms.

Download Kryptex PRO

Join the smartest crypto community on Kryptex Discord server or Kryptex Telegram.

Here we will show you how to transfer your rigs to Kryptex. They can run on Windows, HiveOS, or Linux.

Connecting the rig on Windows

  1. Sign up 👉🏻 here;
  2. Download Kryptex 👉🏻 here;
  3. Install the program and run the tests;
  4. Keep Kryptex working.

Ready! As long as the computer is on, Kryptex makes money. Mine 0.0002BTC and you will be able to withdraw immediately!

What do you need to get started? 🚀

Kryptex runs on any computer with 64-bit Windows 7, 8 or 10. After starting, the program will check your hardware and tell you if it is suitable for mining.

Installation may require disabling antivirus.

Connecting a HiveOS rig to Kryptex Pool

To connect your HiveOS rig you need to:

  1. Sign up 👉🏻 here;
  2. Edit HiveOS settings
    1. Create a new ETH wallet inside HiveOS. Instead of an ETH wallet address use the email you used to sign up on Kryptex
    2. Select "Configure in miner" instead of a pool configuration
    3. Choose any miner that works good with your hardware. Then open its advanced settings and set eth.kryptex.network:8888 as the pool address

HiveOS settings

Connecting a rig on Linux

To connect the rig on HiveOS, you need:

  1. Sign up 👉🏻 here;
  2. Make changes to the settings of the miner you are using

Pool address: eth.kryptex.network

Port: 8888

Wallet: your-email-on-kryptex@gmail.com/RigName

The wallet must contain your E-mail specified during signing up in Kryptex and, through a slash sign /, the name of the rig. The name of the rig must be written in English letters and without spaces.

How to understand that everything is configured correctly

Start mining. Your earnings will appear on the "Dashboard" page 10-20 minutes after the miner is launched.

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Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.