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How to connect to Kryptex pool directly

Oct. 25, 2021, 2:47 p.m.

What does it mean — connect directly?

It means that you can mine directly to your Kryptex account without Kryptex app. All your earnings will be stored at your account and converted into Bitcoin.

You want to mine crypto and get it directly to your crypto wallet?

Connect to our mining pools — https://pool.kryptex.com/

📝 Direct Email connection is currently available for all pools except UBQ

You can connect to Kryptex pools with any miner using Email as a wallet address.

To connect, you need register on Kryptex 👉 here.

The wallet must contain your Email specified during registration in Kryptex and the name of the rig through the slash. The name of the rig must be written in English letters and without spaces.

👉 Pool connection settings:

Coin Pool address Wallet format Password
IRON iron.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
NEXA nexa.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
KASPA kas.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
CFX cfx.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
ETC etc.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
ETHW ethw.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
RVN rvn.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
ERGO erg.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank
XMR xmr.kryptex.network:7777 your@email.com/WORKER_NAME x or leave blank


  • your@email.com — your email address, registered in Kryptex.
  • WORKER_NAME — Rig name must be no more than 32 characters, written in the Latin alphabet and without spaces. May contain digits 0-9, signs -and _. For example, MyRig1.

1. Connect using Windows — BAT file example

In order to start mining directly to Kryptex using a standalone miner — you need to download the miner and configure the BAT file for it.

How to create a BAT file? Check the article here.

To make thing easier, we have created the convenient BAT file generator:

  1. Open the pool you need https://pool.kryptex.com/
  2. Enter your Email to the “Wallet Address” cell.
  3. Enter the name or your mining rig, which will be shown in the dashboard, to the “Worker Name” cell.

  4. Copy the final command for the miner you need to your BAT file.

  5. Start mining. The statistics will appear on the "Hardware" within 10-20 minutes.

2. How to connect using HiveOS

  1. Create the wallet for the coin you need. Foe example ETHW
  2. Enter the wallet address as follows your-email@gmail.com — your email, registered in Kryptex.
  3. Name the wallet as you wish and apply the settings

Let's create the Flight Sheet for your worker

  1. Select the coin for which the wallet was created — ETHW
  2. Choose already created wallet from the list.
  3. Skip pool settings and choose the option "Configure in miner"
  4. Choose the miner you wish from the list, T-rex for example, and press "Setup Miner Config"

Let's configure the miner:

  1. Choose the hash algorithm ethash
  2. Use already prepared wallet template, entering %WAL%
  3. Enter %WORKER_NAME% in "Worker Name" cell, or enter the name you like, for example RigName
  4. Enter Pool URL ethw.kryptex.network:7777
  5. And apply your settings. That's it!

Let's start mining!

  1. Boot up the HiveOS from your bootable media, establish the network connection, enter your RIG_ID and RIG_PASSWORD, and wait until HiveOS will boot up
  2. Ones the OS loaded, enter your HiveOS personal cabinet, choose your Rig and Worker, and start the Flight Sheet pressing the "Rocket" button

  3. If you done everything right, you will see the statistics in 15-20 minutes after start.

All information concerning the farms statistics will be shown at HiveOS personal cabinet

3. How to connect using RaveOS

Create the wallet

  1. Choose “Wallets” in the left menu and press “Add wallet”;

  2. Enter the name you like for the wallet, for example ETHW Wallet and press “Add wallet”;

  3. Choose the mining coin. In our case it is EthereumPOW

  4. In the list of pools, select the Kryptex pool — kryptex pool EMAIL. Confirm your choice by ticking the pool.
  5. Enter your wallet address to the Wallet cell, as follows your-email@gmail.com
  6. Select a miner (one or several) for your coin that you are going to mine and click Save

Connect the Mining Rig to the pool

  1. Press the “Dashboard” in the left menu and press the button to show all mining options.
  2. Choose the mining rigs you need and press “Mining” button.

  3. Choose your Wallet, Coin and Miner from the drop-down list.

  4. Press the “Apply to all” button. If you done everything right, you will see the statistics in 15-20 minutes after start.

From now, all information concerning the farms statistics will be shown at HiveOS personal cabinet

Connect on ASIC/FPGA

To connect an ASIC or FPGA to the Kryptex Pool and start receiving payments in bitcoins, all you need to do is enter your email registered in Kryptex instead of your wallet address.

Statistics will appear on the "Hardware" page 10-20 minutes after the miner starts.

You can see the list of the supported ASICs and FPGAs here.

Which ASIC to choose?

For which coin? What will be the income? Will I be able to pay off?

Experts from ASICMINERCOMPARE help miners with all these questions. They:

  • regularly study the ASIC and FPGA market;
  • analyze prices and profitability of ASICs;
  • make lists of the best suppliers and sellers;
  • will help to choose an ASIC for your needs.

Choose an ASIC or compare the profitability of the models you are interested in here → https://asicminercompare.com

🤯Too complicated?

Something going wrong? Ask for help!

Our friendly community and professional support will be happy to help you!

Contact us via website support, the private message on Telegram, or ask for help at our Discord.

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