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Large number of rejected solutions

Aug. 25, 2021, 3:13 p.m.

Rejected and incorrect solutions are the result of an unstable video card or poor Internet connection. During mining, the video card solves mathematical equations and sends the result to the Kryptex pool. If the result is incorrect or is sent too late, it is rejected and no reward is paid for it.

How do I know if my computer is sending incorrect solutions?

You can go to the Kryptex settings and check the "Show miner windows" checkbox. After that, it is worth waiting for a while for the miner to enter operating mode.

How to understand the status of solutions?

In its window, the miner shows the status for each solution found. They may be labeled differently in different miners, but the meaning is the same.

  1. Share accepted - everything is fine, the pool has accepted a solution and it will be paid.
  2. Invalid share stands for the wrong solution. The video card gave a completely wrong calculation answer (2+2=5). Usually, this type of solution is eliminated when the solutions are checked by the CPU of your computer and is not even sent to the pool. A properly configured GPU almost never gives wrong solutions.
  3. Rejected (Stale) share. The solution was sent to the pool, but the pool rejected it. Most often, this is a solution that came to the pool too late and someone else has already found the same one.

The main reasons for Incorrect solutions

  1. Too much overclocking. If you are overclocking video cards, try turning off overclocking completely. If this helps, then the overclocking was too aggressive and should be reduced.
  2. Defective risers. If the cards are connected through risers, check their power connection and quality. Try to start mining without them and check if the error goes away.
  3. Poor power supply. If the power ripple exceeds certain limits, the video card may give incorrect solutions. Try installing a different power supply.
  4. The video card is out of order. If you have excluded all other reasons, it is likely that the video card is damaged. You can try installing it on another computer. If it still gives wrong solutions there, it is worth taking it to a service center.

The main reasons for Rejected solutions

In normal operation, the percentage of rejected solutions does not exceed 1-2%. If the miner shows that there are more of them, it is worth looking for the reason:

  1. Unstable internet connection. If you are connecting via wire it is worth talking to your ISP. When using mobile internet or wifi, latency can also be quite high. Connect your computer with a cable if possible.
  2. Torrents. Downloading torrents clogs the Internet channel so much that solutions can be sent with a long delay. Disable torrents and see if the error goes away.

If it still does not help send us a note and we will help you to stabilize mining!

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