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8 useful tips for stable mining

March 31, 2022, 11:39 a.m.

Stable mining is not a myth or a fairy tale. You'll stop losing money on downtime and unstable performance by sticking to just eight tips.

How not to lose money on a power outage?

A power outage is the cruel enemy of all miners. The mining rig does not work, which means the profitability drops to zero.

Switch on the BIOS setting Restore after AC Power Loss to Power ON — in such a way,  your computer will automatically turn on when the power comes on.

A screenshot of this setting in the bios

Occasionally update your operation system

Windows updates are entirely automatic and take about 10-15 minutes a month. So you get the latest build and the latest drivers for a stable system.

The only reason not to update Windows is if you have limited internet traffic or using a 3G modem.

Make sure your overclocking is stable

Suboptimal overclocking can prevent Kryptex from selecting the most profitable algorithm for your system. As a result, your mining rig will not be running at its maximum profitability.

Overclocking can be perfectly stable on one algorithm but cause instability, artifacts, and a blue screen on another. Overclocking is stable if your mining rig can keep mining on each algorithm for at least 24 hrs.

We will tell you how to correctly overclock your video card so you won't have to bring it to a service center in the article how to overclock a video card for mining Ethereum.

Don't forget to reboot your computer

An operating system cannot run for months without rebooting. As a result, RAM will become full over the day, and your computer performance will decrease. For example, the RandomX algorithm requires at least 2.5GB of free RAM to work correctly. The rebooting will clean up the RAM, and your system will continue running smoothly.

The reboot once a week is sufficient. However, it is better to do it through the Start menu rather than turning it off and on from the button.

Use the wired internet connection

Unlike Wi-Fi routers and receivers, the wired internet provides an uninterruptible Internet connection, which can start to crash or catch interference.

If you have no opportunity to connect the mining rig throw the wired internet, use a second router as a receiver, as it works more stable than a regular USB Wi-Fi receiver.

Provide enough power supply for the mining rig

A weak power supply won't even let you boot the PC or keep mining. So make sure that it has enough power. Calculate how much your GPUs consume in total and add 200 watts for CPU, motherboard, RAM, and just in case. Also, don't forget about 6pin and 8pin connectors! For example, if you want to connect four GPUs, you need a minimum of four connectors.

Check your risers!

The risers often come out of the store with a factory defect. For example, the hashrate through the riser is less than through a direct connection to the PCI-E slot. This riser should be replaced immediately. It is not good.

Despite their apparent simplicity, manufacturers take advantage of your ignorance by cheating, saving money, and selling a lousy product. So don't be lazy to check each riser. If it's defective, your graphics card may burn out.

Don’t cheap! Bad riser may burn our your GPU!

Read about the different kinds and the right choice of the riser in our article.

Use smart gadgets

Smart gadgets are excellent helpers in ensuring the stable operation of your mining rig. For example, a smart socket will count consumption and allow you to turn on/off the farm remotely.

The most useful device is a watchdog. It plugs into your computer's USB port and wires to the reset button. After installing the driver and software, the watchdog will be able to reboot your farm and re-enable the miner if the PC hangs.


Anything to add? Any questions left?

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