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How to get miner’s logs

Oct. 3, 2022, 11:11 a.m.

The log is the miner's events. Logs are written to a plain text document in .txt format.

All launch parameters, all events during mining, and all possible errors are recorded in the log so that you can analyze the miner's work in the future.

Can't start the miner? Mining does not work, does not work as it should, or gives you an error you do not understand. Too many rejected shares, but you don't know why? Logs will help you!

How to collect logs in the Kryptex app?

  1. Open Windows Explorer or "My Computer", type in the address bar %AppData%/Kryptex/miners and press Enter.

  2. You will see a list of folders. Each is responsible for its miner.

    • kryptex3 — Trex miner
    • kryptex4 — Gminer
    • kryptex5 — XMRig RandomX Monero
    • kryptex6 — NBMiner
    • kryptex7 — Phoenix miner
    • kryptex8 — lolminer
    • kryptex9 — TeamRedMiner
  3. y opening any folder, you will see the miner files and logs for them.

Please note that all logs are signed not only by the date of creation but also by coins since in Kryptex, one miner can mine several coins.

Ready! Now you will have no difficulty in diagnosing all events and possible problems.

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