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How to connect RaveOS to Kryptex

Aug. 24, 2022, 4:55 p.m.

Let's learn how to setup for ETHW pool for example.

In the same way you can set up RaveOS mining for any another coin. Before you start see the page “How to start mining on Kryptex pools

Add Kryptex pool to the RaveOS

  1. Press “Custom Mining” in the left menu;
  2. Press “POOLS” button;
  3. Press “Add”.

  4. Add the following settings to the appeared menu:

    • Enter the pool name, for example: Kryptex ETHW Pool
    • Enter wallet template: %EWAL%/%RIG_NAME%
    • Enter URL template: %URL%
    • Select the Type of auth from the list: Wallet or Login
    • Choose the coin, in our case it is EthereumPOW
    • Pool mode — default
    • Connection type — default
    • Press “+Add new url”, enter pool address ethw.kryptex.network:7777
    • Press “Save

Create the wallet

  1. Choose “Wallets” in the left menu and press “Add wallet”;

  2. Enter the name you like for the wallet, for example ETHW Wallet and press “Add wallet”;

  3. Choose the mining coin. In our case it is EthereumPOW

  4. Select the already created pool Kryptex ETHW Pool from the list, tick the address.
  5. Enter your own wallet address, from a previously registered wallet, to the Wallet cell   Example: 0x6F572b4Bd8C8079fcA1988E259FA6af10A388238
  6. Choose the miner you need. Press “Save” button.

Connect the Mining Rig to the pool

  1. Press the “Dashboard” in the left menu and press the button to show all mining options.
  2. Choose the mining rigs you need and press “Mining” button.

  3. Choose your Wallet, Coin and Miner from the drop-down list.

  4. Press the “Apply to all” button. If you done everything right, you will see the statistics in your pool cabinet in 15-20 minutes after start.

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