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I measured income per minute/hour/day and it does not match

Aug. 25, 2021, 3:52 p.m.

It is necessary to compare the calculated and actual profitability during a sufficiently long period of time when operating in 24/7 mode. Measurements need to be done within at least three days, or better - a week. The calculations are probabilistic in nature, so they converge only over a long period of time.

With the correct mining settings, Kryptex pays you exactly as much as it shows in the application. But there are situations where you see a different picture.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Changes in cryptocurrency rates
  • Intraday fluctuations of profits
  • Incorrect GPU settings (many rejected or incorrect solutions)
  • Using a GPU not only for mining
  • Interaction with antivirus programs
  • GPU restarts due to errors
  • GPU is overheating
  • The computer is not always on
  • Unstable internet connection

Some of these reasons are natural and nothing can be done about them. You need to know their mechanics. And technical problems can often be fixed.

Let's check them all.

Natural reasons

Changes in cryptocurrency rates

Kryptex exchanges all mined cryptocurrencies into bitcoin. The amount in dollars or other currencies is provided for convenience. It is obtained by multiplying the current bitcoin rate by its amount on your balance. Therefore, it can change both up and down. For example, I have $500 on my balance now. If bitcoin rate falls by 10%, the balance in dollars will decrease to $450, despite the fact that the number of bitcoins remained the same.

You can enable the display of the balance in bitcoins in Kryptex settings. Then you will see that the amount in bitcoins always increases when you mine.

Intraday profit fluctuations

In this case, we are dealing with the situation in the cryptocurrency market. These are the factors that cannot be influenced. It is impossible to influence the number of all existing miners, the complexity of mining, cryptocurrency rates and the number of transactions.

For example, when you mine Ethereum, you get a part of the transaction fees because you support the network with your computations. When there is a buzz on the market and many transactions are made - you earn more. When the market is calm - you get less. The situation changes every minute, so sometimes you can see higher profit.

The distribution of profits by hours is also connected with this. When the markets of Europe and the USA are working, there are more transactions, when it is night there there are fewer transactions. If you look at the returns at about the same time of a day when these markets are open, you can see the profit is higher than the daily average. Try to look at the profir at other times of the day and you will see the difference.

Therefore, you should not rely on the accuracy of the minute-by-minute profitability. It is better to look at the situation in an average of a couple of weeks or even a month. Unlike daily returns, monthly returns are more predictable.

Technical reasons

Finding out that there are technical problems is quite simple. They usually give you a very ragged hashrate graph. Go to your personal account in the "computers" tab. Click on the computer name and select the “Hashrate” tab.

The hashrate graph on this tab should be flat, without any major dips. If it looks like the picture below, you should look for the reasons.

"Bad" hashrate graph

You may also be alarmed by the uneven Earnings history in the Dashboard.

Large number of rejected solutions

If the pool rejects part of your solutions, you do not receive part of the profit! Read more about this on the page Large number of rejected solutions.

Usually Kryptex app shows you a notification about this. Check if you have had such messages.

Too many rejected solutions message

Using the GPU for games and other tasks

When the monitor is connected to the card, it cannot mine at full power. Yes, on most video cards you can work and play in parallel with mining. But at the same time, a third-party load reduces mining efficiency, which will affect profitability.

Therefore, it is recommended to switch the monitor to the built-in GPU (if available) or find another simple GPU for routine tasks.

Miner restarts due to antivirus

In some cases, the antivirus can interfere with Kryptex. Because of this, mining may turn off for a while or work on the wrong algorithm.

There are viruses that mine cryptocurrency on a PC without the user's consent. Therefore, antivirus triggers at everything related to mining.

But in our case, Kryptex is mining on a completely legal basis and with your permission. Therefore, you need to reconcile your antivirus with Kryptex. We have an article Kryptex is a virus? which will guide you.

For some antiviruses, it is also enough to run the Kryptex installer with administrator rights.

GPU restarts due to errors

The reasons are extremely varied. Poor-quality power supply, overclocking, driver errors, defective risers, etc.

To improve stability, you can try resetting the system overclocking settings (GPU/CPU), and also install the latest official drivers for your video cards.

In case of instability after installing the latest drivers and resetting the overclocking settings, it is recommended to pay attention to the risers and the power supply.

Poor riser signal wire connections are a common cause of instability. You can also consider a possible defect in the soldering of the contacts of the riser itself. Risers are inexpensive, so if you suspect you can change them.

As for the power supply, a common mistake that leads to unstable operation is overloading a cheap power supply. Economy-grade power supplies are often unable to deliver full power. With an increase in consumption, voltage dips and ripples begin. For this reason, it is recommended to take power supplies from good manufacturers with a fine power reserve.

GPU is overheating

Overheating can be one of the reasons. If the GPU overheats, throttling is activated - a protective mechanism designed to limit excessive heating. It lowers memory and GPU core frequencies. The speed of calculations is reduced too.

To reduce the heating of the video card, you can use the tips from the video GPU overheating in hot weather? 8 STEPS to prevent on the official Kryptex YouTube channel.

Computer is not always on

The computer only mines when it is turned on. If you turn off your computer or stop mining to perform other tasks, you will not receive any reward during the downtime.

Experienced miners' computers work around the clock to maximize their income. It is safe for the computer: they are designed with 24/7 operation in mind.

It is especially worth considering that it is temperature changes that harm the components of modern computers. With constant mining, there are no such swings.

Unstable internet connection

When mining, the computer must have a permanent internet connection. The amount of data transferred is small, however, the consistency of the connection is important.

If you are connected via wire, but have connection problems, it is worth talking to your ISP. When using mobile internet or wifi, delays can also be quite high. Connect your computer with a cable if possible.

In some cases, you may encounter a blocking of the mining pool by the provider.

In this case, forwarding the network through a VPN can help. For an easy way, you can turn to the free ProtonVPN program, which supports split application tunneling. In other words, allow only Kryptex miners to pass through the VPN.

As an alternative way to solve network problems, you can change the ISP.

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