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Kryptex is superior to pools. Still not sure why?

Feb. 24, 2019, 10:34 p.m.

— John told me pools are more profitable... 😒
— At least I'm working for myself at pools!
— That new goddamn coin is ToTheMoon'ing! And we are still mining Ethereum?

Ever heard of those arguments? They are baseless and do not hold any water. We are here to help you refresh your views about mining, since running a .bat files is history now. Earn better, faster and easier with Kryptex!🔥

Let's compare Kryptex to pools

Imagine the whole mining process from starting the miner until receiving your first profits.

  1. Get hold of miners by lurking forums and trying to follow every step-by-step guide available.
  2. Find profitable coins. Will profit remain the same in a week? A month? Which one is the most profitable on my hardware?
  3. Understanding the algorithms. Which suits my PC best? How exactly to configure it for best performance?
  4. Find the best pool. What is the payout method? What is PPS? PPLNS? How to connect? What is the fee? Where will be my coins stored?
  5. Get a digital wallet. Would it be hot or cold? What is the difference? Are there any costs? Should I consider fees?
  6. Exchange your coins to fiat money at a crypto-exchange. Which services are trustworthy? What are the fees? Does the rate seem fair? What are the withdrawal options?

We got this! Oh, wait...

Seems like the coin of choice is not profitable anymore 😮

Again and again and again...

New coin means new miner, new algorithm, new setup, and so on. Spending your precious time and effort just to start mining again.

And what about Kryptex?

  1. Install Kryptex;
  2. Run tests and leave the app working;
  3. Withdraw your money to banking card or BTC wallet.

That's it! 15 minutes of your time and everything is ready. No intricate command lines, wavering between coins, exchanges, or hidden fees.

It can't be that easy, right?

Yes it can — we've made Kryptex the best expert in the field of crypto and mining 👨🏻‍🔧

  • In 5 minutes Kryptex chooses the best suitable algorithm for your PC.
  • Mining configuration is expertly optimized. No need to hassle with .bat files or hundreds of command-line options.
  • Every second Kryptex tracks the crypto market state, always ensuring the most profitable algorithm is running on your machine.
  • Payouts are stable and fast: your balance updates every 10-15 minutes.

Kryptex trader is the smartest bot ever ⚡🤖

  • It handles coins in high volumes; thus, minimizing your losses on fees;
  • Kryptex cooperates with trusted exchanges on better terms compared to those available for individual users;
  • Trader bot pauses exchange process if it detects market manipulations, thus maximizing your profits.

Trader exchanges your obtained altcoins into BTC only when it's optimal and profitable. Kryptex then stores the latter on your account.

Withdraw in two clicks 🤑

Request a payout in USDT starting from 1.5 dollars, in BTC, bank card, or an Amazon US e-gift cards. We cover all the available options in this article.

What else, Kryptex. There is more?

Referral system. Earn without a PC 💸

Invite friends, colleagues, and relatives to use Kryptex and earn a little extra. Each referral gives you a bonus 2% of their income. Forever. Regardless of the referrals count. For example, 10 active referrals, each earning $10/mo, will make you $5/mo richer. Having a hundred will earn you a $50 a month.

You can earn on the referral program with a weak computer or without a computer!

Learn more reading "Bonus for a friend! How the referral program works"

Caring support team

We will gladly help you launch Kryptex and get into mining. Or we can suggest you a movie to watch this evening 😊🖤

Warm community

Our community may not be the largest in the world, but we are making an effort developing it, and communicating with our users on a number of platforms.

Share your thoughts, keep up to date. Here you'll find more about our presence. 🙌

We set no traps 🙌🏻

Kryptex will hook you with it's ease-of-use and amazing withdrawal options, not with some high payout thresholds.

  • Kryptex does not require balance top-up.;
  • We've got the lowest withdrawal thresholds possible;
  • It's easy to start, easy to leave, and easy to come back! 😉

Try Kryptex now. If something concerns you, feel free to message us and share your thoughts. We are thriving on your precious feedback! 💪🏻

You can also mine on Kryptex pools. How to connect to the Kryptex pools was described in this article.

Still, trying to convince, and still like pools more? We have foreseen this too!

Connect to Kryptex multi-currency pools now!


Find the most profitable mining pool

We compared pools using data from open sources.

Now you can choose based on the facts.

Kryptex PPS+ pools are better than everything you've tried 🚀

Kryptex pools use PPS+ payout scheme that pays you regularly, while other pools with PPLNS pay only when they find blocks.

With Kryptex pool you can enjoy honest and predictable income!
You always have 100% luck.

Why are we so sure of what we say? It's simple: we compared the pools using data from open sources.

Start mining on the most profitable pool right now!

Do you think we are wrong? Check it out for yourself and prove otherwise! Share your tests in our community. We are ready for the challenge 😉

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Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.