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Bonus for a friend! How the referral program works

Oct. 4, 2021, 7:02 p.m.

How it works?

Invite friends, colleagues, and relatives to use Kryptex and earn a little extra. Each referral gives you a bonus 2% of their income. Regardless of referrals count. For example, having 20 active referrals each earning $15/mo will make you $6/mo. Having a hundred, clearly, will earn you a $30 a month.

Does referral lose money?💸

No, the rewards are paid as a bonus using our funds. Neither you nor your referral loses anything. You help Kryptex grow and prosper, we give you some extra as a reward. 🐱‍🚀

When do I get the bonus?

You are rewarded with bonus payments along with your referral's earnings. As your invitee continue to earn by mining in Kryptex, you are receiving a proportional bonus along with them.

Where do I find anyone to invite? 🤔

Go for everyone who has a PC! The more powerful the computer your referral has, the higher your total bonus would be.

Your referral link is in a "Affiliate program" tab of your account. Kryptex referral program

Put your link as a forum signature or share it with friends using social networks or your own blog. Look for communities having powerful PCs: gaming forums, mining subreddits, and such.
Use your creativity to the max! 😜

Can I invite myself as a referral?

No, that is treated as a fraud. We accurately track suspicious referral pairs using sophisticated methods, including checking with 3rd party information sources.

Don't hesitate to invite your relatives, neighbors or roommates. The system is smart enough to distinguish such legitimate pairs.

Kryptex team is always on your side!. If you had paired your own accounts, contact our support team. We will help you remove a referral link and will leave all the other referral links untouched.

Someone registered but is not active

It may happen your referral loses interest in mining and crypto. That's OK.

Some users install Kryptex just out of curiosity and overall media noise. Some referrals may have old PCs that are unable to mine. Some may have faced some issues and just didn't bother solving them. Other may spend too much time playing games, leaving no time for mining. It's all part of nature.

Still got some questions. Could you help? 👋🏻

We'd be happy to! Message us, we’ll solve any issue 💪🏻 Replies given within one day.

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