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Which Mining Method Is the Most Profitable? Kryptex App, Kryptex PPS+ Pools, or Mining with Autoexchange

Sept. 28, 2023, 10:06 a.m.

Kryptex is always evolving its ecosystem, offering a wide range of opportunities for miners of various experience levels and equipment:

  • Kryptex App — Simplified mining in just two clicks, time-saving features, automatic conversion to bitcoins, and a wide selection of payout methods.
  • Kryptex PPS+ Pool — Traditional mining with coin payouts directly to your wallet.
  • Kryptex Pool with Auto-Exchange — Designed for experienced miners seeking payouts in BTC.

What's the Difference in Earnings and Does the Mining Method Matter?

The current profitability of mining on the Kryptex App and on Kryptex Pools is identical; only the payout system varies:

  • When you mine through the app, you will receive earnings in bitcoins.
  • When you mine on a pool, you are receiving the coin you're mining.

For instance, if you mine NEXA on the pool, you'll receive NEXA directly to your wallet. However, if you mine NEXA through the app or on a pool with auto-exchange, you will get Bitcoins to your Kryptex account.

When it comes to auto-exchange mining, you have the same withdrawal options available as when mining through the app. The BTC profitability remains consistent.

Kryptex respects your privacy and doesn't require KYC, ensuring the anonymity of its customers throughout all stages of operations.

When Does Auto-Exchange Mining to Bitcoin Make Sense?

The benefit from Bitcoin mining with auto-exchange can vary significantly depending on market conditions and the miner's willingless to take risks. To clarify, let's explore a few examples:

Example 1When auto-exchange mining is profitable!

At the time of writing, the altcoin Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been experiencing a year-long decline against Bitcoin. Bitcoin maintains its price or grows slightly, and if it falls, it falls only slightly.

In this case, fixing your profit in BTC is profitable!

  • Mining Rig №1 mines ETC with a hashrate of 300 Mh/s, without auto-exchange. It earned approximately 0.976757 ETC over the month, equivalent to approximately 15.32 USDT at the time of writing.
  • Mining Rig №2 mines ETC at a hashrate of 300 Mh/s, with auto-exchange. It earned approximately 0.000623 BTC over the same month, equivalent to approximately 16.91 USDT at the time of writing.

The monthly income in USDT was higher by 10.4% when mining with auto-exchange, as the profit was regularly locked in bitcoins.

Relative change in the prices of BTC and ETC over the year. In this situation, mining with auto-exchange is profitable.

Example 2 — When mining with auto-exchange is NOT profitable.

At the time of writing this article, over the year, the KASPA coin has been gaining popularity. The coin's rate is steadily growing. Bitcoin maintains its price or grows slightly, and if it falls, it falls only a little.

  • Mining Rig №1 mines KASPA with a hashrate of 100 Gh/s, without auto-exchange. Earned ~2120 KAS during the month, which is ~95.59 USDT at the time of writing.
  • Mining Rig №2 mines KASPA at a hashrate of 100 Gh/s, with auto-exchange. Earned ~0,003116 BTC during the month, which is ~82,97 USDT at the time of writing.

The income in USDT during this month turned out to be higher by 15.2% when mining without auto-exchange. The coin wasn't converted and demonstrated a consistent price growth.

Relative change in the prices of BTC and KAS over the year. In this situation, it is not profitable to mine with auto-exchange.

We can see from the charts that KASPA has grown almost 6 times (+594%) in the last 9 months, while BTC is only +55%.

  • Miners who exchanged KASPA for BTC received usual income in a stable, low-risk currency.
  • Miners who mined KASPA and did not exchange anything, got higher income with higher volatility risks.

Mining with an exchange lowers the miner's risks because Bitcoin is less volatile compared to altcoins. In certain scenarios, auto-exchange can prevent prolonged losses when the value of the mined altcoin drops. Conversely, mining without exchanging can potentially yield higher long-term income.

The market is influenced by hundreds of factors every minute, making it nearly impossible to predict the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

Kryptex allows you to choose the mining method that suits your preferences!

Mining with Kryptex App

Mining using the Kryptex App is ideal for both novices and experienced miners. If you're using Windows, you won't need to concern yourself with configuring RaveOS, HiveOS, Linux, or batch files — this method is tailored for your convenience!


  • Automatic selection of the most profitable algorithm for your system, which is not possible with a simple miner.
  • Ease of use. Remote farm management, detailed statistics, graphs, alerts and watchdogs.
  • Easy overclocking. Supports miner arguments for each miner or third-party overclocking applications.
  • Withdrawal options in BTC, ETH, USDT (BEP-20 / TRC-20), AdvСash, Amazon gift cards.


  • App only works on Windows 7-11 x64.

Since the app automatically selects the most profitable algorithm for your system and provides automatic exchange of altcoins — you get maximum income in BTC and wide opportunities for withdrawal.

Want to try mining via the app? Switch in 3 minutes following our instructions: https://www.kryptex.com/en/articles/getting-started-en

Mining to your own wallet on Kryptex PPS+ Pool

The traditional method of mining. Most often it is chosen by experienced miners with specific goals — to earn and hold altcoins.

PPS+ payments provide the most accurate and stable income for long-term storage of altcoins.


  • If the price of an altcoin successfully rises, miners make a significant profit when selling altcoins.
  • Complete control over the cryptocurrency you mine.
  • Ability to store, control and exchange the mined coins yourself.
  • Ability to participate in various events from coin eminent.


  • Altcoins are very volatile and prices can fluctuate a lot. It is possible to lose profit if the price drops sharply.
  • You have to register your own wallets and exchange cryptocurrency.
  • You should monitor the coin's profitability and have to switch the coin yourself if it is not profitable any more.
  • Manual configuration of all miners.

Want to try mining on pools?
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Mining with auto-exchange on Kryptex PPS+ Pool

Mining with auto-exchange on Kryptex pool is very similar to traditional mining. Here are some of the differences:

  1. You don't need a wallet address. Instead, you specify your registered Kryptex account — Email;
  2. All statistics and accruals are shown in the Kryptex dashboard instead of on the pool;
  3. Any coin you mine is exchanged into bitcoin.

This method is perfect for you if you want to protect your earnings from market volatility.


  • Liquidity. Bitcoins are accepted everywhere, and are easily exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat money.
  • Stability. Bitcoin is considered the most stable cryptocurrency because it has the longest history of existence and the largest market capitalisation. Bitcoin is more trusted.
  • Price growth potential. Bitcoin can increase in value a lot. It is believed that the value of bitcoin will increase over time. Miners prefer to accumulate it in the hope of future profits.
  • The ability to use Kryptex payouts. You can withdraw BTC, ETH, USDT (BEP-20 / TRC-20), Volet, Amazon Gift Card. Anonymously and without KYC.


  • Potential loss of alternative income. In case the rate of the mined altcoin rises, you will not be able to earn.
  • You should monitor the profitability of the coin yourself and you must switch the coin yourself if it is not profitable any more.
  • Manual configuration of all miners.

Kryptex efficiently converts altcoins into BTC, allowing you to maximize your earnings in the most stable cryptocurrency.

Want to try mining with auto-exchange?
Switch in 3 minutes following our instructions:

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