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Kryptex smartphone app

Feb. 25, 2020, 2:28 p.m.

Kryptex profile page works the same way a native phone app does.

Keep an eye on profitability, hashrates, and temperature in real-time. Control your rigs or even particular video cards using your phone: from your friend's house, from office or even on the road trip 🌞

Kryptex on a smartphone

Add Kryptex to the Home Screen

No more Teamviewer fuss — control and track every computer with Kryptex, using a "Computers" dashboard.

My GPU fans got stuck while I was traveling, and the temperature started to rise. I've noticed it on the "Computers" dashboard and disabled a broken video card on the go.

— James in the Kryptex community chat

Manage individual video cards, track hashrate, profitability, temperature, and fan speeds.

How to add Kryptex on Android:

  1. Go to Kryptex dashboard using Chrome browser;
  2. Press three dots in the upper-right corner → "Add to Home Screen";
  3. Done! All you have to do now is follow our socials, to become a true cryptomaniac 😎

Kryptex on Android

How to add Kryptex on iPhone:

  1. Go to Kryptex dashboard using Safari browser;
  2. Press "Share" button on the bottom → "Add to Home Screen";
  3. Done! Now you can open Kryptex in one tap.

Kryptex on iPhone

How to mine on a phone or a tablet?

Mining is not possible on mobile gadgets. 😯

Smartphones or tablets are not suited for a prolonged and continuous load. A high temperature paired with low profitability makes mining on mobile devices impractical. Mining is only viable on powerful PCs.

Install Kryptex on your PC and find out how much you will be able to earn. Kryptex app will test your computer and show you expected profitability.

Questions or suggestions?

Ask us how to increase profitability, how to build a perfect mining rig, or suggest new feature ideas. 😉

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Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.

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