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A payment confirmation letter is not received ✉

Feb. 14, 2022, 5:11 p.m.

I ordered a payment — but I didn't receive a confirmation mail. What should I do?

Payments in Kryptex works like a charm, but sometimes letters may not be delivered. They either do not pass the checks of mail services or are delayed. It's not a big deal! We'll figure it out now!

Try mail search 🔍

Just enter the word Kryptex in your mailer's search box.

Or refine your search by writing billing@kryptex.com or from:kryptex.com:

Type Kryptex in the search box

Check your Spam folder 📧

Mailers usually react negatively to any links in emails — they try to protect users but could make a mistake. So if the email is not in your inbox, look in the "Spam" or "Junk" folder in your mail:

Check Spam

Help mailer algorithms separate good emails from real spam. Click the "Not spam" button 🙌

Click "Not spam"

Add our emails to the whitelist ➕

Your email domain might block messages with a confirmation link. Some mailing providers configure email whitelists differently from another, but the principle is quite similar among different mailing providers:

1.Go to your email setting; 2.Search for “Filters and Blocked Addresses”;

Create a filter

3.Click “Create a new filter”; 4.Write down billing@kryptex.com;

Search for the email

5.Click “Create filter”; 6.Check the "Never send to spam" box and click "Create filter";

Never send to spam

7.Repeat steps above for no-reply@kryptex.com

Request the email again 🔁

If the email is suddenly not in spam:

1.Go to the payout history page; 2.Click on the payout ID;

Request the email again

3.Click on the blue button below and request the email again;

Click on the blue button below and request the email again

4.Recheck your email!

Didn't work out? Contact us 📞

If the email still didn't come, don't worry! Please contact us. We'll figure it out 💪🏻

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