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How to overclock GPU for Conflux CFX?

June 14, 2023, 5:32 p.m.

There is no "the best" way to overclock a graphics card, as it depends on individual preferences. Some prefer achieving the maximum hashrate, while others want to reduce electricity costs.

We will provide you with some basic overclocking guidelines so you can find the optimal values for your specific mining scenario.

We will focus on Octopus CFX (Conflux) algorithm overclocking technology.

Only NVIDIA graphics cards with at least 8 GB of video memory supports this algorithm. It is not possible to run mining on other graphics cards.

How to Overclock Your Graphics Card

Be careful using overclocking commands, as different miners have their own commands.

The miner.download website provides detailed information on commands and scenarios for their use.

Basic Guidelines

The Octopus CFX (Conflux) algorithm uses video memory in calculations and has a large DAG file, so it is not possible to start mining on a graphics card with less than 8 GB of video memory. Due to the specifics of the algorithm, mining is only possible on NVIDIA graphics cards. This algorithm does not involve the core, so it is actively used in dual-mining. To get the best hashrate, you need to:

  • Overclock the video memory to the highest possible stable values.
  • Find best hashrate via Power Limit adjustment.
  • Adjust fan speed. Adjust the fan speed to your liking to maintain optimal cooling and prevent overheating.

Let's take overclocking the RTX 3060 Ti as an example. You can use the same method to overclock your GPUs, or you can find detailed settings for different GPUs in our Overclocking Database.

Memory Clock

The Octopus algorithm heavily utilizes memory, so we need to use memory overclocking. For RTX 3000-4000 series graphics cards, increasing memory frequency by +800-1000 Mhz is optimal, for RTX 2000 series graphics cards these values are lower, only +500-750 Mhz.

For memory overclocking:

  • In the MSI Afterburner program set the Memory Clock value to +500-1000 - this is the optimal value for most graphics cards.
  • In the miner settings (let’s take Gminer) you can increase the memory frequency using the --mclock argument, to increase the frequency by 800 MHz, you need to write the --mclock 800 command to the BAT-file.

Power Limit

Limiting the GPU's total consumption will increase the mining efficiency.

  • In MSI Afterburner, reduce the Power Limit value until the hashrate starts to drop significantly or until you reach the desired value for the GPU consumption. In our case, we set the value to 65%.
  • In the miner settings (we take Gminer) to set Power Limit, the --pl argument and percentage value is used, for example, to set PL to 65%, you need to write command --pl 65 in a BAT-file. Some miners, e.g. NBMiner, require the consumption in watts instead of percentages, so be aware of that!

Fan Speed

Adjust the fan speed according to your preferences. We recommend not to heat the graphics card to more than 65 degrees, the fan speed can be set to 40-60%.

  • In MSI Afterburner, set the Fan Speed to 60%.
  • In the miner settings (we take Gminer as an example), use the command --fan 60.

Core Clock / Core Offset

The Octopus algorithm uses almost no core, so increasing or decreasing core frequency will not have a big impact on consumption and hashrate. No changes are required at this stage.

Tests and result

The graphics card can be overclocked for maximum power savings, or for maximum hashrate.

Let's consider both options. Choose which one you like best:

  1. For max hashrate: 57 Mh/s 170W

    --mclock 800 --pl 80 --fan 60

  2. For maximum savings of: 40 Mh/s 130W

    --mclock 800 --pl 60 --fan 60

Remember that overclocking differs for each graphics card; even the same graphics cards can be overclocked differently. Therefore, you should independently select overclocking settings for each card and monitor stability. No one can overclock a graphics card better than you!

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