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Getting started with Mysterium

Nov. 20, 2023, 1:46 p.m.

Mysterium Network  is a decentralized network computers that enables peer-to-peer proxy services.

Mysterium turns your computer into a secure, encrypted entry point to the web. You can lease out your IP address as a VPN/Proxy to both individuals and businesses.

You contribute to making the internet more open and unrestricted, enhancing user anonymity, and boosting stability and reliability. In return, you earn rewards in the form of the MYST cryptocurrency.

Easy to start!

You don't require a high-performance computer or a graphics video card to operate Mysterium. Any PC running Windows 7-11 x64 with continuous internet access will suffice.

We recommend a 4-core PC with 8 GB of RAM, with home Internet from 50 Mbps. Check Internet speed.

  • Install Kryptex on your PC.
  • Review the Mysterium Network Terms.
  • Switch on Mysterium in the Kryptex App (Switch “Network card — Mysterium” at the end of the list of mining devices in Kryptex PRO mode).

  • Set a password for Mysterium.

    • The password protects the web interface of the Mysterium node. The password must be reliable and should be different from your password on the mail and in Kryptex.
    • You can reset password locally by deleting the file nodeui-pass from the %UserProfile%\.mysterium\ folder.
  • Congratulations, you are now a node - an active participant in the Mysterium Network!

How much can I earn with Mysterium?

When traffic from other network participants passes through your PC node, you receive a reward in MYST. Kryptex will convert your MYST earnings into Bitcoin once you accumulate 5 MYST coins. You can withdraw them in a way convenient for you, as usual.

It's challenging to predicts the amount of traffic that will flow through your node, so predicting your income is not possible. We only display the actual earned reward.

The longer you are in the network, the more internet traffic passes through your PC, the faster and more stable your internet is — the more you will earn.

Kryptex & Mysterium

  • You have the flexibility to decide when to activate Mysterium and whether to activate it at all.
  • Mining and Mysterium operate independently of each other. You can enable both simultaneously or individually.
  • Mysterium relies on an Internet connection, and we advise against using mobile Internet. Compared to home Internet, mobile connections are slower and more expensive.
  • While you are free to use the Internet as you wish, activities like streaming movies or downloading torrents may impact your earnings in Mysterium.
  • If you have multiple PCs connected to a single router, it's advisable to install Mysterium on the PC that you use the least. Mysterium cannot function on all PCs simultaneously since they share one IP address.
  • We recommend using wired Internet for better stability and protection against interference compared to Wi-Fi.

Is it safe?

The safety and legality of usage depends on:

  • your country's local laws,
  • your Internet service provider's terms,
  • the types of Mysterium traffic you have permitted.

Kryptex, in partnership with Mysterium, allows you to install Mysterium node software, developed by Mysterium. Mysterium company also provides the terms of use and manages the network's operation.

Before you begin working, we strongly advise you to thoroughly review the complete agreement at https://mystnodes.com/terms. However, we have outlined the key points for your convenience:

  • You will be part of our network, serving as an exit node for others who use your equipment and Internet traffic to access online resources.
  • Your use of the network is at your own risk. We provide it to you "as is" without any warranty.
  • Under no circumstances will we be liable for any damages you might incur.
  • We endeavor to shield you from legal liability, asserting that you shouldn't be held accountable for the operation of the exit node. However, we cannot guarantee that you won't face legal repercussions.

What do traffic types mean in the Web UI of a Mysterium node?

These are the various types of VPN clients that can establish a connection with your node.
It's up to you to choose which ones to activate and which ones to deactivate:

  • B2B Data Scraping, B2B VPN and Data Transfer: This is traffic from Mysterium's business partners. Mysterium recommends these two options as the most "clean and safe" type of traffic.
  • VPN (Mysterium VPN): This refers to traffic from users of the Mysterium VPN applications at https://www.mysteriumvpn.com/. Private users paying via credit card using this VPN.
  • Public (Mysterium Dark): This category encompasses traffic from the Mysterium Dark application at https://www.mysteriumdark.com/. Anonymous traffic supported by consumers who make payments for this VPN using cryptocurrency, specifically MYST tokens.

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