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Exploring Mysterium

Nov. 20, 2023, 2:13 p.m.

How to check everything works fine? Status. Quality. NAT.

After launch, Mysterium will require time to verify your node on your PC. The verification process may span from 1 hour to several days, depending on the speed and quality of your internet connection.

You can understand whether everything is in order using three metrics: Status, Quality and NAT.

  1. Status — Indicates the status of your node and its monitoring by Mysterium.
    • 🟢 Green (Online) — Your node is online, the test was successful, everything is functioning well, and monitoring is operational.
    • 🟠 Orange (Pending) — Your node is awaiting for test or test is in progress. Verification does not happen instantly and may take from 1 hour to 24 hours. If your internet speed is below 20 Mbps, the test might require several days of continuous operation.
    • 🔴 Red (Offline, Monitoring Failed) — Your node is offline, or the verification failed. Keep the node turned on for at least 24 hours, or 72 hours if your internet speed is below 20 Mbps. You can expedite the check or initiate it again through the following methods:
      • Additional Check: Click on the gear icon next to Mysterium in the Kryptex window. The Web UI of the node will open. Navigate to the “Settings” → “Mystnodes.com” → “Integrations”. Register on mystnodes.com and link your node to your personal account. Select a node in your personal account → menu with three dots → “Test node””Check connection”. This enables you to run an extra check every 10 minutes, but the node status is updated no more than once per hour.
      • Contact Mysterium Support: In the Web UI of the node, click on the “Chat” tab. Ensure your node has been running continuously for at least 24 hours so that Mysterium support has sufficient data to assess your node.
  2. Quality — Indicates the quality of your connection. To generate income, the quality must be green or at least orange.
    • 🟢 Green: means that your node service quality is high and any type of consumer can use your node for their needs.
      • May shift to orange if the connection drops frequently.
    • 🟠 Orange: means that your node service quality is good. If the consumer requirements are not incredibly strict, pretty much any type of consumer can use your node.
      • Orange may transition to green after a few days of continuous node operation.
    • 🔴 Red: means that your node service quality is poor.
      • Your node has not yet been verified. Once the test is successful, the Quality will change to green or orange.
      • If the check passes, the Status is green, but the Quality remains red, it indicates low node quality. Consumers are unlikely to use your node. You can initiate the verification process again or contact Mysterium support for clarification.
  3. NAT (an abbreviation for Network Address Translation) - Indicates the complexity of routing your connection.
    • Open: this status indicates that the node is capable of establishing connections with any type of consumer. Your connection is unrestricted, and you have a dedicated static IP address.
    • Moderate: this status indicates that the node is capable of establishing connections with most types of consumers. This is the most common NAT type.
    • Strict: this status indicates the node can only establish connections with Open NAT type consumers. Your connection is more strictly controlled by your ISP, network administrator, or your router settings. You can attempt to improve the state to Moderate through port forwarding.

Payouts & Fee

There are two types of fee in the Mysterium network:

  • Network Fee (Mysterium Network Fee): It stands at 20% and used for Mysterium Network the development.
  • Polygon Mainnet Fee (or Transactor Fee): This fee covers the transaction on the blockchain that facilitates the payment (settlement). The node pays the MYST equivalent of the Polygon network fee. The exact amount varies based on the load on the Polygon network and the rate of its native cryptocurrency, MATIC.

Why is the payout limit set at 5 MYST?

5 MYST threshold set due to the technical characteristics of Mysterium:

  • The node is earning MYST continuously.
  • Up to the 5 MYST limit, these tokens are held in the node's balance within the Mysterium web services, not directly on the blockchain.
  • Once the limit of 5 MYST is reached, the node initiates a "settlement" — it requests a payment and receives actual MYST on the blockchain. The tokens are then sent to Kryptex’s MYST wallet.

What will happened if you select “Settle now” on the “Transactions” tab in the node UI?

Within the node's web interface, in the “Transactions” tab, you will find a “Settle now” button. This feature allows you initiate a settlement before reaching the 5 MYST threshold.

However, we advise against doing this prematurely. A portion of MYST is used to cover transaction fees on the blockchain. Early settlement will take a higher percent of your income to cover the fees.

Can I initiate a settlement to my personal MYST wallet?

The “Settle now” button allows to modify the “External wallet address” (referred to “beneficiary wallet” in technical documentation). This wallet is based on the Polygon network, and used for the node directs payments.

Kryptex’s MYST wallet address set as the default: 0x33C5D0F470F0aAB2751BC6E3Ad42cA6ecAdCB20f. If you wish to receive MYST payments into your Kryptex balance, we don’t recommend to change this wallet address.

Kryptex doesn't restrict changing this wallet, and you are free to withdraw MYST to your personal MYST wallet if you wish. You can create a wallet in Metamask. Keep in mind that such payments won't be directed to your Kryptex balance, and you will need to trade these tokens yourself.

How to Increase Earnings?

There are various ways to enhance your earning potential:

  • Adjust Mysterium Network Options: Control your income by turning on or off additional Mysterium Network options on your node:

    • Access the web interface of the Mysterium node.
    • Navigate to the Dashboard, switch on or switch off additional options.
    • The more options you enable, the higher your potential income.
    • For enhanced traffic security on your PC, consider enabling only the first two options: B2B Data Scraping and B2B VPN and Data Transfer.

  • Optimize Internet Speed and Stability: Faster and more stable Internet connections allow traffic to pass through more swiftly, leading to increased earnings.

  • Geographic Location: Your geographic location influences your earnings, and demand for internet services may vary across the decentralized network. The ideal location depends on the evolving needs of network users.
  • Manage Internet Channel Load: Concurrent activities like downloading torrents while someone connects to your node, may slow down their traffic and reduce your reward.
  • VPN Client Considerations: If you're using a VPN client, turn it off, as the Mysterium node is incompatible with simultaneously running VPN clients.
  • Static vs. Dynamic IP Addresses: Owners of static IP addresses generally earn more than owners of dynamic IP addresses.
  • MYST Token Price Influence: The market price of MYST tokens influences your income. Kryptex exchanges MYST for Bitcoins, and the number of Bitcoins received depends on the MYST/BTC market rate at the time of exchange.
  • Bitcoin Price Impact: Similar to mining, your final income depends on the value of Bitcoin at the time of its sale.
  • Network Size and Demand: The number of nodes in the network and the demand for the Mysterium network impact reliability. While more nodes increase network reliability, it may decrease the likelihood of using your node. However, higher network reliability encourages more clients to use it, sending and receiving more traffic.

Node Identity

The node's identity is as the unique and personal identifier for your node.

Technically, the identity looks like an Ethereum/Polygon account but is exclusively utilized as a node identifier and key for signing requests to Mysterium web services and initiating requests to Mysterium smart contracts on the blockchain (such as the “settle” function).

  • The identity is stored on your PC in the UTC--..... file in the %UserProfile%\.mysterium\keystore folder.
  • You can also find the identity in the node’s web interface under SettingsAccountYour identity.
  • Deleting the identity file results in the loss of the key to MYST tokens in the Mysterium web service that haven't been paid out yet (up to 5 MYST), and the node will require a new monitoring test.
  • The identity is stored locally on the computer (without a password). It should not be used as a crypto wallet!

What Happens to My MYST if I Reinstall Kryptex or Windows?

Your MYST tokens (which are not settled yet) and all your progress are stored on your PC within your identity.

Reinstalling Kryptex, along with Mysterium, does not erase these files. However, if you reinstall Windows, it's crucial to safe your node data:

  • Open the %UserProfile% folder on your PC.
  • Locate the folders .mysterium and .mysterium-bin.
  • Save these folders in a secure location, such as a flash drive.
  • After reinstalling the OS, copy them back to the original folder, ensuring that all your progress is retained.

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