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How can I improve my security?

Nov. 23, 2020, 5:25 p.m.

Think about your security today!

Kryptex uses robust and reliable protection systems - we are your security belt on the mining autobahn! But no belt will help if you rush 180 km / h in the opposite lane.

☝Mommy told me not to open the door to a stranger!

Do you remember your childhood? Parents told you that you should not talk to strangers on the street, not take anything from them, or open doors to strangers when alone?

We are sure, they said.

Now we are all adults, intelligent, advanced. We all clever, we can do everything. We burn our fingers twice...

That's right, we all make mistakes, and hackers definitely will use them to reach you.

You can find information about each other on the Internet - our social networks, communities, chats, groups. But, unfortunately, we do not notice how we provide data about ourselves.

And attackers will have enough of your information on social networks to impersonate those you trust. It's called social engineering.

Read more about this - Wiki

So what to do? Refusing is no longer an option. You can close all accesses, make your Instagram privat, or Facebook

💬Telegram - the breakthrough

Do you have a Telegram? Sure, who does not have it now.

Is it reliably protected? Have you ever looked through and set your security settings? Do you have an ID?

ID - unique identifier. Using ID you can find the right person and also understand who you are talking to. 

No ID - easy to create a duplicate of any account.

Remember that the identifier symbol must be easy to distinguish.

Don't use symbols that are easy to confuse "L-l" "I-i"

For example, the Latin letters "l" and "I".

It looks similar, right? But these are different letters. In the first case, you see a small letter "L - l"; in the second case, a large letter (Ai) "I -i". It was not difficult to make a mistake

Does the user have a number after their nickname? @User66

Don't be fooled if @User066 suddenly appears there - This is a different account!

If you are a member of the official chat - remember: Kryptex official support channel is https://t.me/Kryptex

Official Kryptex ID in Telegram

Only this account belongs to Kryptex. Anybody else is an attempt to steal your data.

You can distinguish the Moderator by the badge - signature "Moderator" next to the nickname.

If there is a badge - it's our moderator! However, the moderators are NOT responsible for your security.

Moderator with badge


The only official request for such data is a request from Kryptex support

But even there, no one can ask you for your bank card details, or even CVV code

🤔Well, how does Kryptex protect me?

Kryptex uses 2FA two-factor authentication

It is enabled by default.

The second factor is your email: an email is sent when you try to make a payout. We will not confirm the payout until you open the confirmation email and follow the link in it.

You can withdraw money only if both conditions are met (two factors):

  • You have access to your Kryptex account (login + password)
  • You have access to your email and can confirm the payout by email.

To be safe, do not remember passwords, but use your browser's password generation and auto-completion function. If you remember the password, it is not secure!

⁉Okay, why not use OTP like Google Authenticator? I’ve heard it could help!

Kryptex does not use OTP generators for several reasons:

  • People don’t use OTP generators. Whoever uses the same password on all sites does not think about security. Most often, users do not turn on the OTP generator even though this functionality is there!
  • Loss of OTP. Dropping it is a big problem when a person loses OTP (and they do lose it incredibly often). The entire Internet is full of requests from users from whom the exchanges “stole 5 dollars”. Furthermore, users can wait a whole month before the company resets the OTP key. Well, it is almost impossible to reset such a generator.

💊 Computer viruses

Do not download or run suspicious files from the Internet! Most break-ins happen because of these tiny pests.

While the computer is infected, an attacker can hack into your accounts or replace the wallet for withdrawing funds - you won't even notice!

  1. Have you downloaded any mining utilities? For example, «ATImkdagpatcher», «OverdriveNTool», maybe «OhGodAnETHlargementPill»? Most often, they infect exactly the files that you need.
  2. What mining communities or groups are you using? Have you ever noticed someone distributing such files? Don't download them there - it can be dangerous!
  3. Do you use a remote control like «TeamViewer» or «AnyDesk»? If so, the official version or with some modifications? Where did you download the installation file?
  4. Is your Windows license, or did you use the activator? Maybe this is an assembly downloaded from a torrent on your friend's advice?

Need a program - find an official source! If you doubt of file or page - check for viruses before visiting or downloading

Do not use activators or ready-made assemblies of Windows. Remember that any license cracking software is a potential threat to your data.

🩹Sure you caught a virus? Clean up your computer!

  1. If possible, we advise completely reinstalling Windows using a clean copy from the Microsoft website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10. Builds from torrents and pirated "activators" are usually packed with malware.
  2. If there is no way to reinstall Windows, go to "Virus and threat protection" in Windows settings and run "Full scan." If you are using another antivirus, run a full scan in it.
  3. After that, run the "Scan with stand-alone Microsoft Defender module" in the same place. The computer will reboot and scan the entire system offline - this is the most reliable check.

The largest antivirus laboratories provide their curing utilities for free - use them:

🛡What should I do? How should I improve my security?

Turn on two-factor authentication for your mail. It will additionally protect your account from hacking, and without a confirmation code through the Generator, it will be impossible to enter your mail!

  • Do not use the same password for Kryprtex and mail! Even if the Kryptex account had been hacked, the attacker would not confirm the payment without access to your mail.
  • Golden rule: one web site - one password. Passwords shouldn't be similar!
  • Use complex passwords—at least eight letters of different registers, numbers, and symbols.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for mail. It is impossible to withdraw money without access to your mail.
  • Do not enter passwords yourself - use browser auto-substitution. This will protect against phishing.
  • Check if your passwords have leaked here https://haveibeenpwned.com
  • Do not share your data with third parties, do not send copies of documents and credit card data 🤐
  • Check the payment information before confirming! Spend some time and check the withdrawal info. Make sure that the correct wallet is listed! Some viruses are sensitive to such information and replace the wallet.
  • Do not download or run suspicious files from the Internet! Need a program - find an official source. If you have doubts about a file or page - check for viruses before visiting or downloading.
  • Do not share access to your PC with third parties. Avoid activators, cracks, any Windows license cracking software.
  • Sure that you have caught a computer virus? Clean up your computer now! The largest anti-virus laboratories share their curing utilities for free!

😉 Wish your safe and profitable mining with Kryptex!

📢Official Kryptex communication channels

  1. Contact the technical support.
  2. Support in Telegram
  3. Kryptex support write only from @kryptex.com (support@kryptex.com, social@kryptex.com)

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