KFA2 3060 Ti rev.1

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Ti • 08 Июл 2021 • Paul

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52.18 MH/s ⚡️ 60.45 MH/s (+8.3)
DaggerHashimoto ETH

Core / Memory / Power

KFA2 Xtreme Tuner

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3060 Ti - first revision. Bought in december, 2021.
Overclocked using its own tool - Xtreme Tuner. Afterburner will do too. Nothing special - just core, mem and power limit. Power draw at 120w.

The best sequence for tuning is like this:

1. Start Afterburner, set stock settings and fan to 100%. This is to protect the card from overheating during setup.

2. First we need to increase the memory frequency. This gives an increase in the hash rate, since Ethereum mining is memory intensive. Increase the memory frequency by 50MHz. Wait five minutes and write down the hashrate obtained at this frequency. Also see if there are any messages about Incorrect shares in the miner window.
- If the computer restarts, freezes or you see messages about Incorrect share in the miner window, roll back the frequency 50 MHz back. This will be the maximum memory frequency that you can set on your video card.
- If the computer is stable, repeat step 2 until the computer freezes or restarts.

3. The next step is to decrease the core frequency. This reduces power consumption and makes mining more stable.
- Set the memory frequency you determined in step 2.
- Decrease the core frequency by 50MHz.
Wait 5 minutes and check if the hash rate has dropped. If it remains at the same level or falls slightly, repeat this step, reducing the frequency by another 50 MHz. If the hash rate drops, increase the core frequency back by 50MHz.

4. Moving on to Power Limit. Lowering the Power limit reduces energy consumption, which means the cost of electricity and heating. Lower heating also reduces the required fan speed and the fan will have longer lifetime.
- Decrease it in the same way as you lowered the core frequency, by 2-3%. When the hash rate starts to fall, add 1-2% and leave it.

5.Finally, set up the fan. Its speed is selected so that the temperature of the card is kept at around 65-70 degrees Celsius. On 3080/3090 you should also use GPUz or HWINFO to make sure your mem is lower than 95 degrees.

If you do this right - you get maximum of your card while keeping it safe and ensuring long lifetime.


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