Kryptex Brand Assets

Do not change or mix any of the logo elements:
Distorting, stretching, changing colors, changing fonts, adding or removing any parts of the logo, or adding additional visual effects is prohibited.


Blue (Dark Blue)

HEX: #036EE9

RGB: 3, 10, 233

CMYK: 90%, 48%, 0%, 9%

Blue (Middle Light Blue)


RGB: 74, 167, 25

CMYK: 71%, 35%, 0%, 9%

Blue (Light Blue)


RGB: 102, 207, 255

CMYK: 60%, 19%, 0%, 0%


Montserrat is the main font used in the identity. Default font weight is regular, but can also be medium or semibold. Free for commercial use.

Télécharger: Google Fonts


You can find banners via the link below.

Banners: Télécharger

Misc Materials


Kryptex est une application de bureau. Téléchargez l'application sur votre PC après vous être inscrit.

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Kryptex Pool

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