Zotac 1080ti 11GB Extreme AMP Edition

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti • 07 Mar 2023 • Darknight

Hashrate / Algorithm

567.02 MH/s ⚡️ 570.37 MH/s (+3.4)
KHeavyHash KAS

Core / Memory / Power

Zotac Firestom

Community score

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Extra information

Am using the ZotacFirestorm software to overclock.
Without any overclock, it gives a astonishing 567MH/s, The power draw goes as high as 310watts,temp will be at 81c fan speed set at auto.

After overclock, it gives a steady range of 500MH/s-570MH/s, Power drawn is within 200watts usually around 190watts and Temp are within 65c & below with fan speeds at 60%.


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