Kryptex gives away 1000 sticker packs

You don’t mine with Kryptex yet but still want something from our garage? We have printed 1000 new stickerpacks and are ready to give them away to anyone. Just sign in, mine at least for 24 hours, fill in the application for and we'll send you the stickerpack. All for free.

Already mine with us? Just press the button and leave request.

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No mining rig?

Join our Discord Server and follow new giveaways. Kryptex community can help to build a mining rig, overclock hardware and squeeze every megahash out of it.

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Terms, delivery and estimates

  • To join a giveaway, your mining rig shall continuously mine at least 24 hours since you have signed up.
  • The mining rig is a computer with a GPU, performing at least on 15 MH/s when mining Ethereum.
  • You can participate only if your account has been created since December 30th.
  • Stickers will be sent to you by an international post. Usually it takes around 2 or 3 weeks to get the delivery.

Kryptex is a desktop application. Download the app to your PC after signing up.