Kryptex is teaming up with MystNodes to boost your crypto passive income!

Dec. 11, 2023, 3:32 p.m.

MystNodes, the entry point to Mysterium’s decentralized node network, lets you turn your PC into a secure web entry point, offering VPN/Proxy services to businesses and individuals .

Kryptex makes it easier!

Activate Mysterium within the Kryptex App for a user-friendly experience. Kryptex users can offer peer-to-peer services on their PCs, earning MYST tokens converted into BTC. Receive MYST rewards when your PC node handles traffic. Kryptex converts MYST to Bitcoin once you hit 5 MYST coins. Withdraw at your convenience!

Hard as a rock!

With tens of thousands of active users, Kryptex boosts the strength of Mysterium Network, delivering robust, faster connections for users and businesses. Join us in combining a people-powered open internet mission with an easy crypto-mining experience.

Ready to start?

Install the Kryptex App, switch to PRO mode, activate the "Network Card" switch, and voilà! Earn by internet sharing with MystNodes. If the “Network Card” hasn't appeared, it means your region is currently unavailable and may be added later.

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