Boost Your XEL Hashrate on AMD with SRBMiner 2.5.5

May 28, 2024, 8:05 a.m.

Mining Xelis on AMD or Intel ARC graphics cards? The update increases performance on AMD cards by up to 13% and adds support for Intel ARC cards.

Download it here: SRBMiner 2.5.5

Update for HiveOS

  • cd /tmp && wget && tar -xzvf SRBMiner-Multi-2-5-5-Linux.tar.gz && cd SRBMiner-Multi-2-5-5 && miner stop && cp SRBMiner-MULTI /hive/miners/srbminer/2.5.4 && miner start

Update for RaveOS

  • stop && wget && tar -xvf SRBMiner-Multi-2-5-5-Linux.tar.gz && cp -adpR SRBMiner-Multi-2-5-5-Linux/srbminer /app-data/miners/srbminer-2.5.4 && start

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Happy mining!