Windows or HiveOS/RaveOS?

March 10, 2023, 2:41 p.m.

The short answer is: hash rate and power consumption are the same everywhere, there is no advantage anywhere; whichever is more convenient for you, go with it.

There are two big pluses on Windows' side:

  • It's already installed on your gaming computer;
  • You already know how to use it and you probably know how to reinstall it.

There are thousands of guides and handy tweaking and overclocking software available.

HiveOS and RaveOS are operating systems specifically for miners, all you can do is mine and nothing more. It is definitely not a choice for a home computer, but a great solution for a balcony farm.

The main advantage is that it has Linux inside. In other words, we get a more stable and predictable operating system with less video memory consumption. Windows has its own enormous appetites, so 4 GB video cards can no longer mine Ravencoin there, but under Linux these cards will mine for a few more months.

Our opinion is that for 1-3 home rigs the best way is not to experiment and stay with familiar Windows, 4-10 — as you feel more convenient, and further one should definitely look in the direction of specialized solutions like HiveOS and RaveOS.