Mining is profitable again!

March 30, 2023, 1:26 p.m.

Join our pool —

Crypto-spring is here, and mining is profitable again.
Unleash your GPUs and rigs — it's time to make money!

  • KASPA is a coin that does not overheat GPUs, consumes little electricity, and is suitable for dual-mining with ETC, ETHW, and ERGO.
  • NEXA is a powerful coin for powerful GPUs! It’s even more profitable than dual-mining.

Start mining before the network difficulty grows.

Tomorrow you'll be kicking yourself for not starting six months ago.

Kryptex PPS+ pool — the best pool for mining new coins!

  • PPS+ (Pay Per Share) — we pay for each share. The pool fee is 1%.
  • Hourly payouts, accurate distribution, and transparent statistics.
  • No payout fees — we pay them for you 🖤
  • Mining KASPA? Minimum payout is only 10 coins!
  • Mining NEXA? Only we offer immediate payouts without waiting for another 5000 blocks.

Kryptex pays exactly what the calculator shows and provides instant payouts. No need to wait!

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