Kryptex launches new referral program on Kryptex Pool

Nov. 16, 2023, 10:35 a.m.

Start earning 20% of our pool fee for every miner you invite!

  • Previously, earnings were limited to App users. Now, they extend to pool miners as well. It means more ASICs, mining rigs, and more gigahashes.
  • Your invitees have the flexibility to mine any coins they prefer. We'll collect the earnings from all pools and put them in your balance in Bitcoins. Invited miners lose nothing, we cover the payments from our funds.
  • You can withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin, USDT, or AdvCash.

Get your referral link in your Kryptex account:

Start sharing the link, invite others to Kryptex Pool, and earn money!

The Kryptex Team