Kryptex has launched KASPA mining!

Feb. 21, 2023, 3:02 p.m.

Start mining KASPA now —

At the moment, KASPA is only available on the pool.
However, it will be added to the application soon

Why mine KASPA?

  • KASPA is a highly profitable coin.
  • This coin does not rely on GPU memory, even a GTX 750 Ti can handle it!
  • Kaspa is energy efficient, consuming two times less electricity than Ravencoin.
  • Dualmine KASPA simultaneously with ETC, ETHW, and ERGO to increase your profitability up to 25%.

Reasons to mine Kaspa on Kryptex Pool:

  • PPS (Pay Per Share) scheme — we pay for each valid share. Pool fee is 1%.
  • There is no payout fee — Kryptex pays transaction fee for you 🖤
  • Profitability at the level of the best pools.
  • Payouts every hour, steady income and transparent statistics.

How to connect to the pool?

If you prefer pool mining, how do you get the wallet address?

If you have registered the wallet, how do you trade KASPA?

  • You can trade KASPA with on of the following exchangers: MEXC, CoinEx, or TxBit.

If you use Kryptex App for mining, no actions are needed at the moment.
We will release an update in a few dates.