KASPA and ERGO+KASPA Dual Mining for everyone in the New Beta Version!

Feb. 28, 2023, 1:25 p.m.

A new beta version of Kryptex 4.25.6 has been released, featuring support for KASPA and ERGO+KASPA dual mining for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

This update fixes the crashing and freezing problems that were occurring on newer AMD cards. Keep in mind that since this is still a beta version, there may still be some issues when dual mining ERGO+KASPA on AMD RX 400/500 cards. However, using KASPA without dual mining should work smoothly.

Update the app to the latest beta version right now to increase your profit up to 25% with KASPA. Share your profits and hashrate on KASPA in socials!

To install the latest beta version 4.25.6

  • Open the Kryptex settings and enable the "PRO" mode.
  • Then, in the settings, switch to the "Account" tab.
  • Check the "Install beta versions" checkbox under the "LABS" section.
  • Restart the Kryptex app, wait for it to detect the new version, and install the update. The benchmark is mandatory.

Start mining KASPA or KASPA + ERGO

  • You will see two new options in the algorithm list: KHeavyHash KAS (KASPA mining) and ERG + KAS (dual mining ERGO + KASPA).
  • Kryptex will most likely switch to one of these automatically. If not, uncheck the unnecessary algorithms manually and leave only the ones you need checked.

If you need help setting up dual mining on the pool