Increase your mining profit up to 25% with IRON+PYI dual-mining on Kryptex Pool!

April 4, 2024, 12:42 p.m.

Mining a single Iron Fish coin doesn't seem very profitable? Try dual-mining!
The RTX 3060 Ti makes $18 per month on Pyrin, but in dual-mining with Iron Fish, it's $26!

  • Mine with Kryptex App — download the latest Kryptex App 4.40.9
  • Mine on Pool:
    • lolminer (Nvidia, AMD):
      lolMiner.exe --algo FISHHASH --pool --user iron_wallet/worker --dualmode PYRINDUAL --dualpool --dualuser pyrin_wallet/worker
    • Rigel (Nvidia):
      rigel.exe -a fishhash+pyrinhash -o [1]stratum+tcp:// -u [1]iron_wallet/worker -o [2]stratum+tcp:// -u [2]pyrin_wallet/worker
    • SRBMIner (AMD, Intel): SRBMiner-MULTI.exe --disable-cpu --algorithm fishhash --pool --wallet iron_wallet/worker --algorithm pyrinhash --pool --wallet pyrin_wallet/worker
  • Mine with auto exchange into BTC, withdraw from 1 USDT! Same as Pool mining settings, use your Kryptex email as your wallet address:

Please note, antiviruses may react strongly to these updates due to new miners. Allow miners to run and add them to exceptions if necessary.