Kryptex has launched Conflux CFX mining!

June 22, 2023, 2:33 p.m.

Your favorite accurate accruals now available for Conflux CFX.

Start mining CFX on Kryptex Pool now —

  • PPS+ (Pay Per Share) scheme — we pay for each valid share. Pool fee is 1%.
  • There is no payout fee — Kryptex pays transaction fee for you 🖤
  • Payouts every hour, steady income and transparent statistics.
  • Increase your profit up to 10% with dual-mining with KASPA or IRON FISH.
  • Handy mining ecosystem and Telegram bot for monitoring.
  • Complete anonymity and no registrations!

Prefer pool mining? Join now —

How to register CFX wallet?

How to trade CFX?

Coming soon to Kryptex App