Comparison of Cost and Profitability of ASIC Miners | Kryptex Pool

Oct. 24, 2023, 8:56 a.m.

🚀 Kryptex Pool has launched a comparison table for ASIC miners!

Just like Kryptex's The Best GPUs for Mining, but for ASICs!

✅ Choose the Best ASIC: The table helps to compare different models and make an informed choice of an ASIC.

💸 Calculating Potential Profits: Find out the profitability of different ASICs per day, month, or year. Calculate net profit and learn the payback period considering electricity cost.

🔍 Detailed Specifications: We provide technical specifications for each device. Discover which ASIC suits you best regarding noise level and power consumption.

📈 Charts and Instructions: The table includes profitability charts and the links to detailed setup instructions for each miner.

Only the most relevant, efficient, and profitable ASICs have entered our table. Start mining with maximum efficiency right from the beginning.

Stay tuned for updates — we will add even more useful features soon! 🚀