👐 Update on the ETH pool status and share rewards

Jan. 7, 2021, 1:52 a.m.

Hi there everyone! Happy New year!

Here is a little update on the ETH mining pool changes

🚧 Ethereum pool state

Mining went unstable due to a bug in Phoenix miner, which caused it to generate thousand of incorrect shares a second. This caused a DoS "attack" by our own miners.

Currently we have deployed a new version of Ethereum pool code which mitigates this issue and is very stable so far.

If you still experience troubles with the connection, try redoing the benchmarks, to force Kryptex get new settings for the pool. If this doesn't help, describe the symptoms in the PMs or here in the chat, and tell us your IP address from here.

💱 Solutions → Bitcoins exchange

Solutions (shares) exchange is currently require our manual actions, to ensure that everyone gets the correct amount of bitcoins and no money is lost.

We exchange them in big bulks, so for some people the solutions might still look "frozen", but for others they are converting to bitcoin.

The pause won't affect your rewards, even the opposite → we are exchanging them when ETH price went at least +30% more, than when you have mined them in the first place. The end result will be a net positive for you.

🙌🏻 Compensations for the downtime

We take full responsibility for the incident and will compensate ALL the losses caused by the downtime:

  • All the time, while miners where unstable and crashed will be rewarded.
  • We have enough telemetry to calculate and reimburse all the damage even without sent shares. We will basically pay you for the Kryptex-app uptime.
  • All shares (valid/rejected/all) will be rewarded.

You will see it on the "Earnings history" graph — all the blanks and drops will be filled with the earnings, as if there was no problems at all.

ETA for the final fix

The pool issue is pretty much have been solved, so the app should work well.

The automatic exchange for the solutions (shares) will be resumed in 3-4 days. In the meantime, we are exchanging them in bulk by hands.

The compensations will be later, since we need to make the calculations and write a perfect code to commit the rewards, so that everyone is reimbursed and satisfied. We hope to finish it in a week or sooner, but we'll see how it goes.

Once again, thank you for your trust and patience!
Nothing motivates us more, then your love for our product 🖤 🙏🏻